How to Talk (Candidly) about Sex as a Shy Person

Are you a shy person when it comes to intimacy? Are you even shyer talking about it?

Maybe something in you would like to scream your desires and fantasies out loud but you don’t know exactly how? Maybe you want to talk to your lover so badly about all the things that challenge you, that disturb you, or that you would like to try out. But you just sit here in the hope that your lover is going to start the conversation first.

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How to Manifest a Relationship You Love

Every relationship has it’s sparkly, romantic peaks, and, to be honest, it’s inevitable downfalls. Sometimes couples find themselves chronically stuck, especially when the down valley ride seems neverending. Are you fighting a lot, do you feel hurt, or not understood?

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Say Yes to Your Flaws and Have the Courage to Be Imperfect

Are you the kind of person who is never satisfied? Always and forever seeking something better, something more beautiful, insisting on the 100% perfect end result from head to toe, hm? Pretty exhausting isn’t it? What if I told you there is a way out of this never ending cycle?

These following words are not perfect at all. But I’ll try my best (by accepting my own flaws while writing these lines) to help you have the courage to be imperfect and just be who you are. I am so excited for you, because this is going to be so liberating for you sexually.
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Ayahuasca – Breaking Through Sexual Blockages with Shamanic Journeys

You’ve probably heard about Ayahuasca in the media or even through stories of friends who’ve done a shamanic journey in Peru. Or you may have experienced a journey yourself.

Ayahuasca isn’t a drug that’s spreading from the Amazon into the western esoteric community just for fun. It’s a medicine; it can heal us physically, emotionally and spiritually; it can connect us with our higher consciousness or it can guide us and help us download certain knowledge.

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DIY Yoni Massage – Heal Your Sexual Being by Yourself

In my line of work I come across many woman who have never had, or hardly have, any sensations in their vagina. For those women, and you might be one of them, sex might feel numb, with vaginal orgasms not felt or hardly or never achieved, and pleasure during thrusting sex almost impossible.

First of all: All women are capable of feeling deeper vaginal pleasures.

By learning the DIY Yoni Massage (pronounces Yoo-nee) you can rewire your brain and body and become the most orgasmic woman on earth (I am speaking from experience :-)).

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How I Became a Sex Coach and Made Orgasms My Business

Today, I believe orgasms will change the world. And by orgasm I don’t just mean the climax itself, but also the very orgasmic energy that carries us there. You can experience it during sex, during love-making with yourself, during a long embracing hug, while you eat a raw chocolate cake or at any other time during the day.

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