The 8 Female Orgasms: #6 Blissful Breast Orgasm

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Today we look at the blissful breast orgasm, a rarer species in the orgasm lexicon – but it exists! No joke. Breastfeeding mothers talk about it, studies produce evidence and tantrikas use it to open their hearts.

Note: There is an endless diversity of orgasmic sensations that women can experience. This is just a fragment to feed our mind boxes with. I share some of the fundamental physical properties of female orgasms here to help you understand where some of your orgasmic sensations might be coming from.

So breast orgasm is a unique one as there is no other genital stimulation necessarily required. Continuous stimulation of the breasts can bring about the onset of an orgasm more quickly and easily when vaginal stimulation is applied.Especially around ovulation when there might be a greater sensitivity in the breasts (this can vary from woman to woman).


Quick Facts

  • The breast can swell up to 25 percent larger than its usual size when you’re aroused.
  • The nipple is considered one of the erogenous zones.
  • It’s a highly sensitive part of the body. Communicate with your partner as to how you/they want to be touched there.
  • Simulation of the nipple activates the same region of the brain as clitoral, vaginal and cervical stimulation. (The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Volume 8, 2011)
  • Female orgasm shows a well-rehearsed symphony of activation of multiple brain regions which can be induced by breast stimulation alone. Watch this here for your sexy knowledge.


Women’s  breasts develop during the crazy teenager time, when their female sex hormones (mainly estrogen) begin to rise. During pregnancy another complex hormonal interplay enlarges the breast tissue to produce milk. Also during the menstrual cycle many women experience swollen, bigger breasts due to the increase in progesterone. Etymologically the word breast is derived from bhreus (to sprout). Which I think is a beautiful way to put it. The breast sprouts the baby.  It seems that we are the only primates who possess a full-formed breast when not pregnant. Other females develop full breasts only when pregnant. Lucky, aren’t we?!

My experience

It’s a beauty

Personally I discovered it in the jungle on a deserted island, far from civilization. Ok, I am joking. But it was on an island. I believe I tapped into the Breast O due to the intense practice I was doing at the time with the “Deer Exercise”. It’s originally a Taoist practice great for healing the hormonal balance, increasing sexual libido and regulating menstruation. It’s basically a breast massage done in a special manner. So I was stimulating my breasts twice a day, for a good period of time, when my partner during sex simply sucked my nipple and there was an explosion in my chest. Omg, what a blissful beauty of O.

For what is it good for?

For opening the heart of course. It connects you with the  physical organs closest to your heart center. It activates a certain caring and motherly side in you, and it may even boost your self-love towards your breasts.


What others say or do


Researchers have discovered that stimulation of the breasts, especially the nipples, activates an area in the brain called the genital sensory cortex. It’s the same area that gets activated when clitoris, vaginal canal (g-spot) and cervix are stimulated. Especially during pregnancy when the nipples are sucked on a regular basis by the baby, it may lead to an orgasmic state.


For thousands of years breasts have been a symbol for fertility, nourishment and well-being. Humankind saw the breast even in nature, e.g. “Teton Range” (Teton=Tit) or the “Breast Mountain” in Asia, where Buddhist monk Bodhidharma meditated. There have been numerous sculptures where bosom and hips were exaggerated, due to their representing symbols of fertility. Also in Tantra breasts are seen as a sacred organ. It’s the physical extension of the heart chakra. You also find secondary chakra on each side of the breast. Especially the left breast (lunar or feminine side) might be more receptive. The nipples are, regarding to Tantra and Taoism, connected via energy channels to the clitoris. This connection is the reason why breast stimulation arouses the clitoris and genital area too. Tantra recommends that you worship your breasts, through massage, dance, beautiful clothing and gentle touch. See it as an extension of your heart which may be easier to connect with.


Breast orgasm is not as mystical as it sounds. Some women love breast play to be harder (twisting and squeezing), others love breast play softer (caressing, featherlike stroking, licking). Ladies, give yourself (gentlemen, give your partner) a breast massage on a regular basis to increase sensitivity, and do some research on the Taoist Deer exercise.

Accept and ask the breast owner how they like it best. Remember breast sensitivity changes with the menstrual cycle, so play every week and write down your notes, to record when it felt most intense and arousing. You can be a sex scientist yourself. With age the form of the breast changes, which is totally normal – accept your sprouting bosom, acknowledge its evolution and simply love your individual form of feminine manifestation.

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