Hooray Boobies! The Benefits of Falling in Love With Your Breasts

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This podcast episode is dedicated to all my beautiful female listeners and to all open minded breast owners out there.

Let me ask you a question: Do you hooray your boobs?

Breasts are the manifestation of our heart; our nipples are the very first thing that enter a room. They radiate and absorb. They are an organ of pleasure. They feed babies and nourish souls. They come in all kinds of fun shapes, sizes and colors.  Read more

The 8 Female Orgasms: #4 Cervical Orgasm

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Did you know? Orgasms can transport you to another state of consciousness! An awe-like state that almost makes you forget yourself! We are talking about cervical orgasm.

The cervix lies within. It’s the deep center of the vagina or what Kim Anami calls the “gateway of life”. In Taoist reflexology the cervix is the heart point in women. When this center is being massaged we often react through emotions. Some women feel pain, and have the need to cry, some women feel joy and have the need to laugh. Whatever lies in our heart, it wants to express itself.

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Shame – The Scary but Rewarding Journey of Working Through Your Shadows

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Do you love uncomfortable moments so that you can work through your shit? Most people don’t. By the way, shit here stands for: emotional shadow, shame, fear, guilt, worries and other scary emotions.

I know a few folks (but in my experience that’s a rare species :-)) who love, seek or even put themselves voluntarily into uncomfortable situations so that they can work through their own stuff quicker.

How do you love and accept yourself and let go of shame and guilt?

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Sluts Allowed: Meet the 4 Female Erotic Archetypes

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Just if you are wondering: we are not talking (primarily) about striptease here. This show is about a conscious sexuality dance practice called Dancing Eros. The wonderful creatress Vanessa Florence gives us a deep insight into the 4 archetypes, that play a big role in the Dancing Eros practice. With sassy fun and laughter we dive into the world of the maiden, the wild women, the priestess and the slut. Yep, sluts are allowed too!

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Squirting – 5 Myths Finally Busted

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Most people know about squirting or female ejaculation from porn and adult magazines. There is still a lot of woowoo and shame projected on to what I consider to be a magical sexual expression. Squirting is the expulsion of fluid by the Skene’s gland, through and around the female urethra during or before an orgasm. More mystical sources say it’s a divine liquid that in i’ts essence manifests pure sexual energy.

The latest scientific research says, that it’s “involuntary pee”. Which of course increases the shame dimension that keeps women away from exploring this phenomenon.

That’s why I decided to create a video for you to finally bust the 5 myths for you and create a safe and clear pathway to this sexy, splashy and liberating squirting fun.

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What a Sexual Shaman Can Teach Us About the Moment of Orgasm

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I bow in awe to the world of Conscious Sexuality, because it’s a wonderful explorative space with amazing people in it. Every day I dig deeper and deeper, meeting new courageous souls. That’s how I met a true pioneer who has been on this path for decades. Namely Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

His fascinating story starts in a semi-rural area of the American South; when he moved to San Fransisco after the days of the hippies Kenneth started to embrace his sexuality as a new way for him to transform as a human. He started teaching and studying Erotic Massage as one of the first on the scene; he produced “The Sacred Prostitute” documentary and today is a so-called Sexual Shaman and Crystal Whisperer.

Ray has been studying sexual empowerment and sexual energies for so many years – that’s why he is the perfect guest for my podcast.

This episode is an amazing opportunity for you to listen to the wisdom, expertise and mindblowing insights of a Sexual Shaman.  Read more

3 Ways to Deal With Shame (No More Ignoring!)

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Do you know the feeling when you are holding back from true connection? This can be in daily-life communication with your friends, in meeting strangers, and also in the bedroom with your partner. The reason is always the same: Shame.

The beautiful city of Barcelona, and talking to many “strangers” inspired me to talk more about this subject. It’s crucial that we don’t continue to ignore this sensation. I’d like to encourage you shedding light on it and deal with shame, with the help of those three steps.

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Guys: Cure “Death Grip” and Increase Sensitivity by Avoiding these 5 Masturbation Mistakes

death grip

Mariah approached me asking if I could write a bit of a more extensive answer to the issue of death grip – because it is asked for again and again. Here’s my experience from a man’s perspective:

Fact is: many men lose sensitivity in their penis. Which sadly enough seems a bit like a cure for the other most famous mens’ syndrome: premature ejaculation (PE). But guys, let’s not accept this as a solution at all. We do want to last long, but we also do want to have the full pleasure while we’re lasting amazingly long, don’t we? Would be a fun killer if not.

This desensitization, also called “death grip” sneaks in when you’re on your own, masturbating. That’s why the following tips unavoidably enter your bedroom. Or are we talking about the desk?

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The One Thing You Need to Do Right Now to Un-Jealous Yourself


However we look at intimate relationships, jealousy is always one of the issues that everyone struggles with. We have all experienced feelings of intense jealousy, or suffered from someone else’s jealousy. If we had to believe what romantic movies and literature say, we would have to conclude that jealousy is almost a necessary ingredient of love. But that is not the case. In fact, as I can confirm from my personal experience, once we overcome jealousy we can access a richer, fuller and deeper reservoir of love than we ever thought possible.
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How to Give an Out-Of-This-World Lingam Massage

lingam massage

Are you a lingam lover? I am. And I love to worship my lover’s wand of light aka his lingam (term for penis in the ancient Indian language). This article gives you a deep and eye-opening understanding, and practical tools on how to give an out-of-this-world lingam massage.
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