Orgasmic Birth – Why It Matters How We Are Born

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Have you ever asked your mum how you were born? I mean, how exactly…

“It matters how we are born,” says my dear friend Nina Winner, “because”, she elaborates, “birth is part of our sexuality”.

Nina, is a birth coach and mama mentor in Austria. She guides mums towards their strength – she calls it the lion mama strength.

She believes that the time we spend within our mother’s womb, right up to the moment of our birth and to the first years of being on this earth, are crucial for our actions, our level of love and how much we can enjoy life.

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“Fuck Me Harder”- a Guide to Conscious Dirty Talk During Sex

dirty talk during sex
“I love cock!” that’s a bold statement; I shouted it out in one of my podcasts :-). Don’t think for a minute that was easy for me. It takes courage to say out loud what we love, what we desire and what we yearn for. Dirty talk during sex is exciting!

Sometimes when I am worshipping my partner’s lingam (penis) with my sweet and shy expression, I feel I want to get naughty (breaking my own vanilla pattern) and tell him how I fucking love his cock. How hot is that, hm?!

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9 Relationship Lessons I Have Learned in My 9 Years Long-Term Relationship

relationship lessons intro

My partner, Philipp and I have been a couple for over 9 years. We are together because we love each other and we are able to grow individually and as a couple. Still, it has been a time full of relationship lessons, that I want to share with you.

We’ve stuck with each other because we are able to make each other stronger. We are able to mirror each others greatness. We are able to kick each other in the ass to transform our shit. We are able to support each other in times of darkness. We are able to grow our intimacy towards ecstasy. We are able to cut through the crap and be transparent towards each other. We are able to trust and let go fully in front of each other. And sometimes we are simply not able to do all that. And that’s ok too.

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Our relationship has had a natural cycle of ups and downs (every relationship has) and on this transformative journey I have learned 9 mature relationship lessons which I am sharing with you today:

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Love Yourself Before You Make Love to Others

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All of us just want to be happy, right?!

Unfortunately we tend to look for love and happiness on the outside. Hoping we’ll get it from others. Just as posting a selfie on Facebook can give us the confirmation that people like us, so can a Tinder date pump us full with love hormones for a night. But speaking frankly, is sex with our lover really going to make us happier, even if it’s good sex? Mostly we watch this happiness from the outside, fading away. And then we do the same thing all over again, or look for it somewhere else.

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13 Things I Learned from Having an Open Relationship


Original article by Tamara Schempp and Jenny Zimmermann (translated from German into English by Mariah Freya).

Sex Coach Mariah Freya introduces open relationships and tells us the advantages and disadvantages of this relationship model. Is monogamy an outdated concept?

“I still have to live life fully”, this standard Gen-Y phrase can turn relationships, especially amongst young people, into break-ups with bitter endings. Sex with strangers as a symbol of freedom and as an alternative to the norm.

Relationships fail because people “still want to experience something else”, even as early as puberty. It’s like when you are in a restaurant and there is something predictable on the menu, but you always want the thing that you don’t have. The grass always seems to be a bit greener on the other side.

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Is Your Vagina Unhappy? Here Is the Best Cure I Know Of…


Do you feel the inside of your vagina? (Guys, please forward this to all the ladies in your life) Do you feel your G-spot vibrating full of energy? And does your cervix pulsate full of joy too? Do you have regular vaginal orgasms that come in endless ecstatic waves and last as long as you want them to?

Yes? Awesome, then you don’t need to read further, keep those waves coming!

No, or not sure? Actually many many woman don’t feel anything, or very little inside their vagina. I didn’t in the past either.

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How to Be More Confident and Harness Your Superpowers

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“It’s not about doing, it’s about being.” That’s what Lisa Van Ahn, US National Kickboxer and powerhouse of a woman told me when I interviewed her about how we can find confidence within ourselves.

All of us have a gift to share with the world, the question is are you confident enough to put yourself out there, no matter what others will say or think? Whether it’s that project you’re so passionate about, the one you’ve always dreamt about doing, or whether it’s having a great time with your lover in the bedroom. Confidence is needed everywhere and it’s something many of us struggle with (including myself). It’s the lack of it that makes it so hard for us to just be. It’s the worries that keep us small.

In this podcast I have a powerful conversation with a woman who really knows how to put herself out there. Lisa Van Ahn is a true athlete in her heart, but also a world changing impactress. She works with girls and woman guiding them to self-defense through self-love. She currently runs an anti-sex trafficking campaign, fundraising by producing 365 videos in 365 days.

This is truly a powerhouse of a woman. Make sure to listen to this podcast and support Lisa to end sex trafficking with a small donation below:


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