Sacred Women’s Circle


I love create of power spaces for women.

The goal of a Sacred Women’s Circle is to get inspired and to embrace life as a woman. The beauty is, no matter where each of us are, we meet and help each other grow.

Getting together with sassy and fun women is a healing journey for the inner Goddess within all of us. Each of us is a unique spark of the feminine whole, and the best way to understand your own uniqueness is by getting together with other women who mirror and show you what power house you truly are.

Come to my next circle in Munich, Germany.

You are not from the area? Why not start your own Women’s Circle today?
Is your neighbourhood or community a bit lacking in support and celebration? A Women’s Circle Start-Up will help you to network, strengthen your bonds with other women and especially infuse you with the most powerful feminine essences. Just send a few e-mails out and see what happens! Of course you can also join a Women’s Circle – find one near your home on