Tantric Yoni Massage – A Way to Learn to Orgasm

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I know that Tantric Yoni Massage is a super delicate topic and I don’t want you to stop reading here. You probably think it’s either something for crazy New Age hippies or for women who visit Eddy’s Group Orgy Bar every Saturday night.
No, it’s for every woman on this earth who wants to get in touch with her body and her soul. It can heal traumas, help you work through emotions, lessen tensions and develop a way to learn to orgasm. I highly recommend that every one of you give it a try.

yoni-massage-circleWorshipping your Yoni

Ok, for everyone who is not on my page – I am talking about a massage for your vagina. Yoni (pronounced Yo-nee) means, ‘holy temple or space’ in Sanskrit. Receiving a Yoni massage actually means that your holy temple is being worshipped. In the old Indian tantric tradition a yoni massage used to be a ritual for temple dancers or women who followed the spiritual tantric path to worship the vagina. Nowadays everyone can receive one of these massages, without necessarily becoming a temple dancer or spiritual seeker, by simply booking a session and paying around $150 per hour.

Why on earth should someone massage my vagina?

Do you reach your orgasm easily? Yes? Well you are one of the lucky few. Most women, due to stress in daily life, little exercise, emotional tension and other physical and psychological reasons, cannot orgasm easily or possibly have never had an orgasm before. Yoni massage promises you a way to learn how to orgasm. Step by step you will open layers of your sexual force and pleasure deeper and deeper. Even certain tensions which are causing pain during love making can be healed. It will help you heal your wounds of the past, release blockages you didn’t even know you had, and especially teach you how to really feel your yoni fully – your holy temple. It’s a matter of feeling that it is worth being worshipped!

Yoni Parlor

In many cities tantric-massage temples have sprung up like wild mushrooms. Some of the erotic massage parlours write things like: “the yoni massage is a ritual of receiving sensual sexual energy flowing through the entire body”, or “tantric massage will give your soul and body erotic bliss of a kind unheard of before, and make you disappear into the abyss of rich emotional experiences”. That all sounds beautiful but it’s not always easy to find the right yoni parlour. Ideally it should be a studio which is professional, clean – a safe place where you can easily feel relaxed, with friendly people you can connect with. Most people don’t even think about booking one of these sessions because they can’t find a place that fulfills at least the basic conditions. Or because they are not comfortable about being touched by a stranger. I can totally understand that.

DIY Yoni Massage

yoni-massage-sqSo, if you don’t find the right massage parlour or don’t have a recommendation by a friend, simply learn it! I received my first yoni massage from my lover.

I had always had trouble reaching my climax during love making and also had pain and tension in my vaginal walls. After receiving yoni massages from my partner I was able to release my tension. My pain went away because we massaged the little tension knots out that were responsible for the pain, and I could finally concentrate on the actual pleasure which made me climax.

After years of studying & practicing Yoni Massage I created a step-by-step video course to make this power tool more accessible. I believe the Yoni Massage course will be a game changer for you, your lover and your life. It seriously changed my life!

You can first watch my course together with your lover or good friend, and practice on each other; then if you feel more confident and want to dive deeper you can attend a workshop or get classes from a private mentor.

Push your boundaries

Yoni massage is a therapy which can sometimes push our boundaries because it can release oceans of tears, anger and other emotions connected with our pain –both physical and mental – but it can also release great laughter, joy and deep pleasure which can in turn produce a heightened state of awareness. A tantric yoni massage can enable you to become aware of your creative feminine energy. This energy is very powerful and sometimes we are not ready for it, so we can feel confronted by all sorts of obstacles. But with a certain determination and willingness to be healed, we can push those boundaries and have beautiful break-throughs. These experiences are not just ecstasy-like states, they are highly spiritual. Even without believing in God we will feel like we are coming home.
Ok, I know I am trying to sell you yoni massages. But I can just talk from my own experience and it really worked for me. It did not just change my sex life completely, it changed my sense of who I am. My cunt was transformed into a holy temple and I am highly grateful for this transformation.

What’s the Code of Conduct for Yoni Massages?

As the settings for Yoni Massage can vary, this is unfortunately a bit of a vague area. If you practice with your intimate partner, the question might not be super important at all. If you go to a studio or a private practitioner, it’s crucial to be clear what the boundaries are.

In both scenarios the following applies: Yoni Massage does not include penile penetration. If you practice with your lover, and the receiver asks for it after a session, and you both feel like it, why not. But it’s not part of the massage itself, as the roles of the giver and the receiver tend to merge. In a professional surrounding, it obviously is not supposed to be part of the session, unless you have agreed to it beforehand. A professional massage therapist should be and stay dressed.

The fields of psychosexual bodywork have compiled ethics and codes, and they are also a good guideline for professionals in the area of Yoni Massage. If you’re uncertain, go through them with your potential giver:

Is there something similar for men?

Yes, wherever there’s yin there is also yang. The traditional pendant is called “Lingam Massage”. As you might have already guessed, lingam references the male penis in this context. As men and women are physiologically and energetically very different, the massages and their effects are quite different from each other. However the effects of a Lingam Massage can be very profound as well. You can read an intimate story about a Lingam Massage experience here. I also have an introductory article about Lingam Massage. And if you are still a bit shy on your lingam worshipper skills, listen to my cock lover podcast.

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Illustration by Adam Dachis.