Your Libido is Your Own Oracle – Here is What it Tells You in Different Phases of Your Life.

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Your libido is your own personal truthteller.

It tells you exactly how much in tune you are with your self, with your partner, and how excited you are about life in general.
It’s your driving, vital life source.

Jung and Freud, for instance, enlarged on the term “libido” to mean more than simply your sexual drive, so that it signified “how you reveal and give your gifts to the world”.

Today’s topic will be very pragmatic and helpful for everyone who feels dull on a daily basis. Maybe you know the feeling: you wake up, and even though you’ve had your 8 hours sleep, still you are out of juice. No motivation to get up, no energy to make a decent breakfast. There is something missing. You might not be aware of it, as this seems to be your normal status quo. Listen to this podcast and find out what you can learn from your most private truth-teller.

In this episode, I go into detail about what you can learn from your libido:

  • when you are single.
  • when you are in a relationship.
  • when you’ve been ignoring your body for a while.
  • when you’re running hot all the time.
  • when you’re not living and doing what you love to do.

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