Free Invite: Learn from a Living Tantra Master


A friend of ours said, “You have to meet this woman”… and you know how life sometimes beautifully falls into place.

Philipp, my partner and I met Sarita beginning of this year and to say the least we were blown away… We drank tea in a magical Balinese mansion in the middle of the Indonesian jungle and had divine goose bumps conversations.
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Want to Feel More? 6 Steps to Reconnect with Your Vagina

Here’s a little big truth we don’t discuss as much as we should: many women feel little to not much at all inside their vagina.

The percentage of women who never reach orgasm from intercourse alone varies from study to study. And this syndrome, commonly known as numb vagina, is making the world of female sexuality crazy for a hundred years.

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Tantra-Up Your Sex Life With This Powerful Technique ~ By Sofia Sundari

Tantra is an ancient spiritual and personal growth system. It helps us become aware of the present moment which then leads us right into our body wisdom.

This integral knowledge is particularly handy when we engage sexually with ourselves or a partner. A conscious lover knows what’s going on in their body which makes an intimate connection authentic and genuine.

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