The 8 Types of Female Orgasms

There seem to be a lot of contradictions in scientific research into the female orgasms. One study can prove, for example, that the G-spot exists, while in the same breath, another proves that it doesn’t.

Naomi Wolf claims that all women are “wired” differently. What one woman feels might feel totally different for another. Orgasm is a totally subjective experience and there are probably as many orgasmic sensations as there are women alive.

I have started digging deeper into this topic, and so far have found 8 female orgasms that are valid for me and for many others. I encourage every woman to become a sex scientist: find out for yourself what works for you and where you can expand and enhance your bliss experience.

#1 Clitoral Orgasm

One of the most famous ones. Screamingly loud in sensation. Sharp, explosive and intense.


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#2 Pussy Entrance Orgasm

The mystical one. Pulsating like a volcano eruption. Strong as an elephant. Warm, longing and powerful.


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#3 G-spot Orgasm

The watery one. Full of splashy fun and healing adventure. Inducing tears of joy and strong emotions. Manifesting orgasmic energy.

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#4 Cervical Orgasm

The transcendental one. Mind-altering in its existence. Long, multiple and imploding upwards.

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#5 Anal Orgasm

The delicate one. Challenging but surprisingly fun. Relaxing, shame-detoxing and wild.

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#6 Breast Orgasm

The loving one. Heart-opening and blissfully healing. Surrendering, subliming and loving unconditionally.


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#7 Throat Orgasm

The barrier-breaking one. Joyful throat ecstasy. Trance-like, subtle and super-human.


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#8 Mind Orgasm

The mind-blowing one. Joy without body stimulation. Deep, subtle and rejuvenating.


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