Accessing Divine Love at Every Moment of the Day – A How-To Guide


Too cheesy? I don’t think so. Divine Love can be overwhelming, yes. You might think: Who am I to deserve and receive Love? So instead you give and give and give until you are empty and drained, wondering where all that energy went. Then maybe you stop believing in it all together, as the world seems like a pretty dark place, anyways.

This podcast is dedicated to helping you receive love at every moment of the day. To filling up your vessel until it’s overflowing and you can continue giving without it all draining away. Imagine you are overflowing with love so that the only thing you can do all day long is make love with everything and everyone around you.

I have invited Lauren Peters to take part in this podcast. She is a love guide and healer, working especially with couples. She is creatress of Omni Love TV, an upcoming TV show dedicated to Divine Love.

In this episode, we go into detail about:

  • What’s Divine Love?
  • What’s the greatest barrier that disconnects us from Divine Love?
  • How can we access this powerful source in our relationships, business and life in general?
  • What are some helpful daily practices that can plug us right in?

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