Give Anal Sex a Chance! Here’s How It’s Done Blissfully


What comes into your mind when you think about anal sex? Blissful or disgusted thoughts?! It’s still a huge taboo and in many countries even a moral sin. But: it’s bigger then ever, looking at numbers only. The bliss of anal sex is not about a quick and dirty porn fuck. It is about full deep raw connection, it’s the ultimate surrender diploma for the receiver and creates a very intense polarity between both lovers.

I invited Mangala Tantrika into my show, who is offering workshops dedicated to anal sex.


So excited to share this episode with you, as I believe we’ve done a pretty good job of making everyone comfortable with this topic.


In this episode, we go into detail about:

  • How to overcome fear to make anal sex the new bliss tool for you?
  • Hygiene and risks?
  • What anal sex means from a Tantric perspective?
  • How does an Anal Orgasm feel?
  • Healing aspects of Anal Sex?
  • What are the most important steps to follow to have blissful anal sex?
  • Solo anal preparation and helpful toys.
  • For the guys: What’s important to know?

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