Awakened Woman Conference: My 7 Biggest Insights


When women come together and figure out how the fuck to awaken, something magical happens.

I joined the Awakened Woman Conference 2016 in Bali and experienced it in my mind, my body and my soul.

This magic is called sisterhood. When women join hands and see each other as fellow sisters we no longer have to fight, push through or risk walking over dead bodies.

As Eve Ensler shared on the stage: “I need your witness to my freedom.”

We need fellow sisters seeing us for who we are. Witnessing our truth. Acknowledging our beauty. Hugging our bodies.

When women start noticing each other, and truly see each other, they reflect back. And we are able to see ourselves.

Here are my top 7 insights from the Awakened Woman Conference. This is for you if you are interested in starting your own soul business or engaging in a passion project, or simply if you want to come back home – to yourself. And from that place be able to put yourself more out there in the world and have an impact with something you believe in.

#1 Reconnect to yourself

From a place of connection to your body, to your emotions, to your thoughts, to whatever is going on in your life, you’ll be able to show up to others, to the world, to your business, to your ideas, projects, whatever it is that you’re putting yourself out there. This will literally change the world. If humanity is able to connect with themselves again, we’ll be able to connect with others. This is peace on a global level.

#2 It’s ok to ask for help

The second one, and I find this a very, very important one, especially for us women, but also for men is reconnecting to your sisters. From a place of reconnection from yourself, we are able to fill ourselves up, connecting into what is true, what is valuable to us. Then, from this place, we are able to connect to other human beings.

Especially when we are connecting to our fellow sisters, things come up like jealousy, comparing each other.

Things that I used to do is a lot of that comparing, “She’s so much better than me. I’m not deserving that. She’s just way better than me,” so I’d rather keep quiet. I’d rather stay in my little safe zone. Sisterhood means supporting each other, supporting each other to shine on an equal level.

That is so exciting, especially on this conference. I’ve seen women really change by realizing that they are allowed to ask for help. We are allowed. We have a birthright to ask for help. The help is there. It’s in our community, in the sisterhood that we are creating. I’m just feeling super blessed to be here and to have that opportunity to connect with such powerful women. Again, every single woman is powerful. It’s just a matter of reconnecting with ourselves and then taking it from there to reconnect with others.

#3 Think bigger in terms of your impact to the world

The third takeaway that was, for me, really incredible and which I believe will take also my work to the next level is thinking bigger in terms of impact.

How can I serve? How can I channel whatever I do into projects that actually impact the world?

Eve Ensler was here the other day. She’s an author and activist of the Vagina Monologues, and also kick-started the One Billion Rising, which is the V-Day where women go in the street and dance for women’s rights for creating awareness around sexuality, around women’s rights.

I’m originally a social worker. There is a part of me that always wanted to change the world, like a superwoman. I feel like I want to have more impact. I’m already reaching many people, so from that place, I’m able to reach way more if I’m actually looking at, how can I serve the world? How can I help people in difficult situations? That’s an impulse I have. Let’s see where this evolves. I definitely want to connect with the One Billion Rising project and see where that leads me. Just stay tuned on that one.

#4 We have everything we need

The fourth insight and takeaway for me on this conference is that we already have everything that we need. Your body is perfect. You are beautiful. All of the skills that you have you already have inside of you. This is such a powerful place to come from there, because we tend to be so perfectionistic.

We tend to put on masks on Facebook, trying to be perfect, having the best setup.

The setup is gorgeous here, so I’m just using that opportunity, but still, it doesn’t really matter if the background is beautiful or if you’re perfectly styled and makeup-ed.

It’s much more about, how can you show up towards the world in an authentic place? You already have that. You just need to be you. That’s the awesome thing. Actually, Oprah Winfrey said, “If I knew that I just need to be me, I would have made so many more thousands of dollars or probably millions of dollars more much earlier.” She realized that once she stepped into herself and claimed that for herself and also felt like she’s able to be vulnerable with the world, that’s what led her to success. Again, everything that we have is truly magnificent. This is exactly what you want to give to the world, your authentic you.

#5 My mission is bigger than me

Another insight I’ve learned here was actually from Alexi Panos, which really inspired me in terms of mission and in terms of the impact that I want to create and in terms of how I can help more people. Your mission is much bigger than you. Once we claim the why and why we’re doing what we do and why we are putting ourselves out there, if you’re a coach or a leader or a teacher, once we claim that why that is screaming from our soul, all things fall into place. Then we realize that our ego doesn’t matter any more. If I’m afraid to sit in front of the camera, so what?

My mission is bigger than me, and I’m going to serve here for a higher purpose.

That’s why I’m doing all of this stuff. That’s why I’m putting myself out there, letting the fear be part of this journey but not letting it control.

Again, it’s not about you. It’s about the mission that you are believing in, that you are wanting to see the change in the world. With that, the ego is able to let go, because you know the ego is protecting us. It’s taking care that we’re not getting ourselves into risky situations, but ultimately, it’s also very sneaky in terms of holding us back. Also, in the bedroom, this is a bigger one.

If you are having that vision that you want to be a central being, that you want to have that beautiful connection with your partner, a beautiful, loving, conscious relationship, this is a big mission. You want to believe in that mission and believe in that goal that you’re setting and see the higher purpose of it. If you’re feeling satisfied, if you’re feeling central and powerful, this is actually serving the world. Just think about that.

#6 We should define our sexuality by us

One of the other takeaways I’ve got is from actually Dr. Juliana Morris. She’s a fellow sexpert. I’ve connected truly with her. She’s a really beautiful woman, sharing her gifts with the world around sexuality and healing traumas and empowering women as well.

She shared that sexuality shouldn’t happen to us. We should be able to define it by ourselves. I found this one so profound.

It really ties into the insight that I just shared before that it’s not something that happens. Reality is not something that happens to us.

We choose that. We choose if you want to be a victim or if we want to step into our power and go from there and become super powerful, choosy central beings, if that serves us, if that’s what you want. It’s not something that happens to us. The reality, it’s something how we choose to deal with it and how we take it from there and become our own sexperts. That was a powerful message that she shared, and I just felt truly inspired to continue my work as well.

#7 Truth is how you find your tribe

The last insight I wanted to share with you is from Renee. She’s the founder of the Hubud in Bali, which is a beautiful, co-working space here on the island. She shared that truth is how you find your tribe. That really ties in, again, into the first insight I shared with you about reconnecting with ourselves. From that truthful space, from that authentic space, we will attract the right people.

We will be able to live our life with purpose, to live with people that serve our higher purpose, that support us in our mission, that support us in truly who we are and acknowledge us in our fullest whole being from the shadow to the light. I feel that’s just a powerful truth here of moving forward with wherever you’re at or growing into the powerful being that you are.

Many greeting to you. I hope that was inspiring to you. There’s so much more I would like to share, but I’m sure the inspiration that I got downloaded here and that I got inspired by all the beautiful women around me, they will flow into the work that I am doing in the following months and next year. Many greetings to all of you. Much love. I love you. Bye.