Claim Your Self-Esteem Back – Fundamental Kick-Start to Feel the Power Inside of You


Are you making yourself feel small, because you don’t want to shine too much? Or you don’t want to be too intense? Or maybe you think you are not worth standing out in the crowd. Working on our self-esteem is key to feeling fulfilled. Claim your self-esteem back and dare to live freely at your full potential!

As children we are naturally gifted with self-esteem. It seems that this sparkly curiosity to explore the world, to build something out of our own creativity, to express ourselves the way we like to, doesn’t come as easily as we get older. Investing time in our personal development helps us look at our boundaries and break through our inner victim, to live the child within us again.

In this podcast I invited the gorgeous Layla El Khadri to join me in a discourse on how to claim your self-esteem back. Layla used to work as a model in the advertising & film industry and knows a lot about the superficiality of self-esteem that exists in that scene. She turned her back on it eventually and started her own back to the heart project.


In this episode, I go into detail about :

  • How Layla started listening to her inner wisdom and decided to turn her back on the advertising industry
  • Where we base our self-esteem on
  • What the consequences are of exposing ourselves in the media
  • In which context are we a victim and how we can break ourselves free
  • How to claim our self-esteem back and let ourselves shine
  • Practical ways of doing so

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About Layla

Layla’s vision is to assist you on your journey towards the life that you dream of having. Sharing with you not only her real experience but the practical tools she has learned through many years of study and dedication to personal growth and spiritual practice.

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