Sex Coaching


1on1-headerSex is creation. Omg, it’s the very thing that freaking created you, me, and everyone else.
Pure MAGIC. The most powerful act of nature I know, by far.
The energy that is set free during sex has the potential to supercharge your life with tremendous fulfillment. This energy comes from what I call your sexual muse: she manifests soul-connecting relationships & intimacy, she tops you up with courage to express who you truly are, she fuels you to run a passionate and successful business and she inspires you with aspiration for growth & creativity. Plus: She is available to you at any given time (not only during sex).What a potential, hey!?Sadly, there are not many places where we can talk openly about it, in a shame-free and non-judgmental way. And there are even fewer places where we can evolve, learn and play at this level. Yet, we all need guidance and help with our intimacy and relationship at some point of our lives.

You, me, everyone deserves to have fulfilling sex.

As a sex coach I am offering you a safe space, which allows you to learn and dive into the deep mysteries of your own individual sexuality.

I help women and men such as yourself to transform your sex life completely, in intimate 1-on-1 online sessions.

From ok sex to mind-blowing sex. From mechanical, boring sex to a creative, deeply fulfilling, playful and soulful experience. Learn to harness the potential of your sexuality and let your sexual muse be your creative inspiration for a freakin awesome life.

  • You are on the search?
  • You are ready to embody your Sex Goddess?
  • You want to break through your shame?
  • You are ready to heal and let go of your old story?
  • You want to ignite your sensuality and be more of who you truly are?
  • You are on the spiritual path and you want to dive below-your-belly-button, because that’s the last frontier you haven’t looked at?
  • You have heard of Tantra but don’t know where to start?
  • You want to learn skills that make you more confident as a lover?
  • You want to feel more orgasmic and increase your pleasure?
  • You want to understand what you truly desire and ask for it?
  • You want to feel powerful in your gender?
  • You want to claim your sexiness back?
  • You want to energize your sexual being?
  • You want to connect with your sexual muse and harness the creative inspiration it brings into your life?

If any of these is true for you, you have found the right place to step onto the path of pleasure and fulfillment.

1on1-sex-coaching-testimonial-sarah“Mariah is such an expert in what she does that every woman who is thinking about buying a new dress to feel more like a Goddess, should receive coaching from her instead.”

– Sarah, 31, Germany


mariah-freya-fountainI am a certified life coach and sex coach, and a trained social worker. Studying Tantra and Taoism over 7 years has changed my life and boosted my personal growth completely.

I have experienced tremendous positive change in all parts of my life through the abundant knowledge of these ancient traditions.

I apply their methods combined with insights from the latest scientific studies and contemporary personal life coaching.

My 1-on-1 coaching is available for a very limited number of clients only, because I want to fully dedicate myself to you.

It takes time to unravel the old stories and wounds that need healing, and to develop the skill that will help you have a more fulfilling, playful and soul-connecting sexual life. I do not offer single sessions by the hour, as I do not believe in a quick fix. If you are looking for a quickie, a one-time advice solution, we would not be a good fit.

My coaching packages start from 6 weeks and go up to 6-month commitments. Financially, that means an investment of four figures to do this private work with me.

1on1-sex-coaching-testimonial-sarah-devika“Mariah is a wholehearted intimacy coach. She has a deep understanding and knowledge of sexuality & orgasms in particular. She communicates this so well that it helped me to unlock hidden desires and remove shame.”

– Sarah, 32, UK

My starting offer is a transformational and individualized 6-weeks F.R.E.E.D.O.M journey, which takes you step-by-step from where you are at to where you desire to be:

F = Free your sexual story & old patterns

R = Release your negative emotions around sex

E = Energize your being and harness your energies

E = Evolve your sexual practice to become a confident lover

D = Desire more than ever, and ask for it too

O = Own your body and develop your love language

M = Mystify your intimacy and kiss your soul.

All my 1-on-1 coachings are fully individualized and designed differently from person to person. The F.R.E.E.D.O.M journey simply defines the framework that we will be working within.



What does this journey include?

  • Life-changing weekly 90 min calls 
  •  Individual Email support between sessions so that you also feel safe between sessions
  • Self-loving, body nourishing and transformational exercises originating from Tantra, Taoism and Personal Life Coaching.
  • Yummy homework & after-session notes, individualized final workbook
  • Personalized study recommendations 
  • Fierce German-like accountability 

1on1-sex-coaching-testimonial-chelsey“Finding Mariah and working with her has changed the quality of my life for the greater.”

– Chelsey, 30, USA


Before working with me, many of my clients felt…

  • unsatisfied and unhappy with themselves, their sex life and their relationships
  • numb in their bodies.
  • disconnected from their sexuality.
  • unconfident about expressing their sensual being and unable to speak up for themselves.
  • alone and dried up, wondering if they would ever find a partner for a fulfilling and soul-connecting relationship.
  • fatigue and low libido.
  • ashamed to explore their fantasies.
  • confused about their desires and their identity.
  • orgasmically incapable.
  • unwealthy on multiple levels.
  • self-hatred towards their body and being.
  • clueless about sex in general.
  • incapable of talking with their partner about intimate things.
  • uncreative sexually and also towards life


1on1-sex-coaching-testimonial-lisa“I feel much more of my sexual feminine energy (not only during sex).”

– Lisa, 24, Germany



screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-17-51-28“Before working with Mariah, my sexuality felt like it had fallen into a deep sleep. I didn’t feel comfortable in sexual situations at all. Me and my partner weren’t in tune anymore, which was an energy-sapping situation. During the sessions with Mariah, she consequently helped me going out of my comfort zone. Which in my case was where the transformation could be found. I’ve been working on my personality for years now, but with the assistance of Mariah I gained new clarity. I am now able to see a bigger picture. Working on my sexuality liberated my mind and shaped my personality beautifully. I have new set of tools now, and can move on by myself. My self-confidence and self-esteem increased to a new level and I developed my personal style of masculinity. And amazingly enough, suddenly long time sexual fantasies became true in the blink of an eye. Seriously! Sounds like magic, doesn’t it?”

– Max, 24, Germany


testimonial“I finally understood what self love really means and how important it is in relationships on every level. Mariah helped me getting rid of this feeling of guilt I used to have every time I was taking care of myself.”

– Floraine, 30, France


1on1-sex-coaching-testimonial-marcelAfter a few bad experiences I was afraid I couldn’t get it up with women I don’t already know. I felt comfortable and understood talking to Mariah openly about my experiences, fears and desires. Mariah brought me more in touch with my core intention of wanting to give love and gave me tips and tools to approach my next dates a bit differently. This moved me from a place of performance anxiety to curiosity and building up confidence.”

– Marcel, 32, Belgium

testimonial-2“After working with Mariah I was able to have an orgasm with my partner that I had never had before. It was ecstasy!”

– Chelsey, 30, USA


My Packages

Gold Coaching Package (6 weeks journey)
This package includes weekly sessions and email support for 6 weeks. Each session lasts 60 minutes and is held via Skype or phone.

Investment: $1500

Diamond Coaching Package (3 months journey)
This package includes weekly sessions and email support for 3 months. Each session lasts 60 minutes and is held via Skype or phone.

Investment: $2700

Platinum Coaching Package (6 months journey)
This package includes weekly sessions and email support for 6 months. Each session lasts 60 minutes and is held via Skype or phone.

Investment: $4700

Private Retreat
I am also offering private and personalized retreats. They can happen in various locations on this planet. Let’s talk.

Investment: tbd.


Couldn’t I just read about sex (book or online) instead?
Sure, there are many great self-help books, online blogs & magazines on sexuality out there. I have noticed that many of my clients have already studied sexuality via those mediums intensely.

It may help to some extent, but often they feel overwhelmed by the different mix of messages and advice. There is a lot of confusion around sex and it’s not super easy to integrate knowledge directly from books. Especially when it comes to Tantric and conscious sexuality practices.

If you have ever worked with a coach you will know the transformative benefits of having a heart-to-heart conversation and the accountability that keeps you motivated to take action.

What methods do you use?
I love to intertwine different methods; it ensures that my coaching covers the individual needs of my clients.

I integrate contemporary coaching methods with ancient Tantric and Taoist practices. I work with: Body awareness and movement exercises, breath work, sexual communication skills, belief and body hacking methods, modern counseling and personal life coaching modalities, role-play, guided meditation, journaling, emotional release exercises, conscious Kama Sutra of Self-love practices, body love language exercises.

Do I need to talk about my personal sex life?
Yep! That’s what it’s all about. Of course everything we speak about stays confidential and is 100% safe with me. The sessions can only work if you let me know the details. Probably more than you’ve ever shared with your bestie.

I understand if that sounds a bit uncomfortable at first. It does for everyone, as we’re not conditioned to talk about those things, right? We’re all shy and rusty when it comes to that. But actually, talking about it is often the first step towards improving the situation.

Do I need to be in a relationship for this session to work?
No, not at all. I will actually recommend you a lot of empowering methods which need to be performed alone.
Is there any kind of nudity or weird stuff involved?
No! We will have a clothes-on session. We will for sure talk about intimate parts, but there is certainly no need to show them on camera. I might be pressing some comfort zone buttons for your growth, but that’s why we’re doing this, right?

People usually feel very comfortable talking to me – that’s why I decided to make a profession out of this in the first place. I’m not a weirdo, but if you encounter something weird, you can either tell me, or get the money back for the session.

Is my private information kept confidential
Your information is safe with me. I am trained to coach people on intimate matters. When we talk, we’re the only ones in the room. No coffee shop or shared space.

I also do not store any of your information unnecessarily, and if I have to, I use proper encryption and a strong password.

Where do you work from?
I work from my office in Munich, Germany with clients from all over the world, via Skype and phone. For local clients I offer either online coaching or in person meetings.
How many sessions do you advise?
I offer a minimum of 6 sessions (part of my F.R.E.E.D.O.M package) up to 6 month intensive programs.

Empowering your sexual being is a process and a soulful investment. The commitment and effort that comes with this journey has a tremendous and life-changing effect on your sexuality. You’ll get more time to integrate and adapt to the new practices and play at home. We’ll have more opportunities to reflect and get feedback on the process you are in, so you don’t feel alone. Developing your sexuality is seldom an A to B process, but more a spiraling circling journey as you grow. With more time we can make sure that you truly learn and adapt for the benefit of your sexual evolution.

What if I don’t get any benefits out of it and want the sessions to end before we agreed?
Working on your sexuality can trigger fear. Sometimes it conquers our actions and makes us decide things that aren’t necessarily beneficial for our evolution. I am all about honesty and I will check in with you from my heart to yours to find out whether the decision is coming from a place of fear or because we are simply not a good match.

But if you are not getting any benefits? Honestly, you would be the first. That’s why I’m not tying you into any contract. We can stop working together any time if you feel you’re not getting anything out of it.

I am so blessed and grateful to support humanity in their most intimate, vulnerable and at the same time so powerful area in their lives.


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