Intimate Power with Eyal

Honestly, this guy is a unique character. Eyal Matsliah – living his dream and watching the boats and seagulls on the Costa Brava from his apartment while we get into some juicy talking for my new podcast episode. Eyal turned away from the corporate world to embrace meditation retreats and intense tantric yoga practice, back to the world.

His unstoppable mission, to empower the world with tantric sex, is undeniable genius!

In this show we discuss some real fundamentals of why sex is the power tool.

Attention: We talk about chakras and energies here.


In this episode, we get into detail about:

  • Eyal’s story, starting with a traumatic experience, and leading to an empowering mission
  • The question of why sex is such a mind-blowing empowerment tool
  • And how to harness this power into our lives
  • What we can expect from his soon to be launched book
  • Why there is not one best piece of advice for boosting our sexuality, but how it is the accumulation of ingredients that make the soup
  • How to deepen our sexuality (for men and women)
  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate…

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Mariah: Hey! In today’s episode, I am interviewing Eyal Matsliah from Intimate Power. He has a very unique personality, you will see. And as a Yoni sex coach and entrepreneur, I believe he takes sexual coaching to totally new level.

We talk about the powers of sex, and why we can harness this energy into our daily lives to manifest things. So, find out in this episode why he keeps Yoni coming with chocolate.
Hey Eyal! Welcome to my podcast. Awesome that you are here.

Eyal: Happy to be here.

Mariah: Great. So, you are a Yoni, a Tantra teacher, an empowerment coach, and an entrepreneur. That is quite a mix. Tell us about your News Project, Intimate Power.

Eyal: Basically, I have been in the corporate world, done information security and wear a suit, and had a flight across Europe and stuff like this. Then, I turn my back to all of this and I went and lived the seven years in the spiritual community in Thailand.

Mariah: Yes. That is where we met, as well.

Eyal: Yes. And that was quite an experience. I studied Tantra and did meditation retreats, and it was amazing. But then, I felt something was missing and I wanted to bring these teachings to other people, to the world. Not just to the Yoni as well. Then, I went to Australia and discovered this kind of separation between their Tantra communities and the business communities. So, what I am doing is basically, I am connecting people to their sexuality….

Mariah: Yes.

Eyal: …helping them be more confident in their life in whatever they do, and especially being better able to express their gift, their talent, their purpose and their mission, which I consider always to be about helping and empowering other people.

Not just helping other people, but also making a lot of money from that. Because I believe that when you give a lot of value to other people, you can receive a lot of value back from them.

Mariah: Yeah, definitely.

Eyal: So, that is really about the alignment. You can say sexuality, mission and service to other people, wealth building, and ultimately all of this to be part of the spiritual practice.

Mariah: So, like channeling those powers of sexuality into the daily life and also in our success in anything we want, but also seeing it as a spiritual practice, right?

Eyal: Yes. That is part of the things that I was saying in the spiritual communities, that a lot of the energies were moved all the way up to the crown chakra, and people were a little bit disconnected from reality, in some way.

And then, when some of the reality was knocking on the door, they needed to do temporary jobs that they really did not like, and you know they needed to leave the community.

I feel that we can take those sexual energies from our second chakra. We can charge all of our central being, and sometimes leave it the first chakra, which is about creating physical things.
If you look at Shivananda, who was quite a big guy….

Mariah: Totally. Yeah.

Eyal: He was a big guy. I think he was a Capricorn. He builds bridges. He builds hospitals. He builds ashrams. He builds clinics. He builds organizations. He builds Yoga Schools. This is something that really inspires me.

Mariah: Okay. So like a down-to-earth kind of approach for everybody.

Eyal: Yeah. And I try to make my teachings practical. The people who attend my workshop, the private clients that are walking with me, they do not talk so much about the Tatvas and Akasha, and all of this stuff.

I do not go so much in the Tantric theories. I go into how people can use very simple ideas and very simple techniques in their daily life. For me, it is about practical.

Mariah: Great. Great. That sounds good. So, in your About You page, you wrote the girls at school used to say, “Eyal, you are sick!” You replied with a smile, “I am just very healthy.” Where did you get your primary motivation to come to this very point?

Eyal: Well, looking back, it is probably that all my life, prepared me to what I do now. One of the steps along the way was receiving a book about Ninjas and Martial Artists, and the Samurais and stuff.

Mariah: Okay.

Eyal: I discovered that the half of the time, they were fighting and half of the time in the book, they were fucking.

Mariah: Interesting!

Eyal: I would put pages upon pages of beautiful descriptions of lovemaking, of sex, of intercourse, of fucking, of whatever you want to call it. And those really showed me the internal sensations and feelings of the people that were engaging in that.

I hardly ever watch porn. Because in porn, you always see… Can we use a very strong language in the podcast?

Mariah: Yeah.

Eyal: So, you see in the porn, you see cock goes into pussy. Cock goes out of pussy. This is what you see.

Mariah: Yeah. It is true. It is very focused on one thing, here. Definitely.

Eyal: Yeah. In those books, I saw something much more than that. And then there was another experience that was even stronger, which was, in some ways, witnessing a woman being raped. I have the whole description of that on my blog.

Mariah: Yeah. I think I read it.

Eyal: So, it was not seeing a real rape, right? But it was as if I was seeing a real rape, right?

Mariah: Yeah.

Eyal: I really wanted to help that woman, and I could not. So, I swore that moment to treat women with dignity, with respect, with honor, with appreciation, with devotion, and to help them.
Looking back, it is something that has stayed with me since then. And this is what I do now. I mainly walk with women and I help women. I do some walk with men, as well. And that is calling them to their masculine presence.

Mariah: Okay. That is really interesting to hear. Also, that you have some really personal, touching stories, which is really deeply motivating you to bring sex as a healthy and as a spiritual practice to the world.

You are a sex coach. So, tell me why is sex, in your opinion, an empowerment tool? What is the essence of it that makes it so empowering?

Eyal: Well, sex is one of the strongest energies that we have. It is something that brings us into life. Sex creates life. As human beings, we are having that ability to have sex throughout our life. We do not just have heat, every once or twice a year.

Those energies are something which is basic to our life; this is our first and second chakra. This is something that is the battery of our being. This is something that makes us alive.

A person who is sexually expressed, means that they do not have any physical, energetical, emotional, and mental blockages around sexuality. It is somebody who has their energy available in them in whatever that they do.

On the other hand, if somebody has problems and they think badly about themselves, about their genitals, about sexuality, it is likely to have a short circuit. They have a blockage. They have an energy-draining aspect of their life, instead of that being an empowering aspect.

Sexuality is really there. I see it as a missing link in personal development, for example in business because people talk about the alter levels and the alter technique, like business practices, personal development practices. But I think this very crucial thing about the fact that we are sexual beings, we are sexual from the womb, this ultrasound videos of babies touching themselves. I feel that in society, there is kind of like, a disillusion that we are sexually liberated.
Mariah: Yeah, it is true. It is a very high illusion.

Eyal: For me, sexually liberated is people who do not have a problem with their body, with their genital, with their sexual expressions, with their sounds, with other people’s sexual expression, whatever that might be. And I able to engage in meaningful, loving, orgasmic, and spiritual sex a few times a week. That is for me, a sexually active and liberated person.

Mariah: Yeah, definitely.

Eyal: Somebody can be fucking every day, and they use this word, specifically now and it is in the lower meaning of that.

Mariah: Yeah. It is more like a sport’s thing, right? Almost like, “I do it because it is something, like on a daily basis. Like, I drink my coffee in the morning. I fuck as well.”

Eyal: Yeah. If you see guys in porn movies, they can continue having sex and penetration for an hour without ejaculating. And you know, it is not a sincerely, meaningful, connected to the woman or connected to themselves. Those are basically being objectified as working cocks.

Mariah: Yeah. And the setting is not that, porn is nowadays our sex school because this is what teenager consume and watch. And they see, “They do it this way, so I am supposed to do it this way.” So, there is not really a source in this world, or not many sources you see sex as something beautifully made, as something honorable, something that is consciously made.

Eyal: Scientifically, it is already proven that this has an effect on people, both men and women. It is also women who watch porn.

Mariah: Sure, definitely. I used to watch porn definitely. At the moment, you also writing a book called, Unleash Your Pleasure Power: A Women’s Guide to Her Orgasm, Empowerment, and Healing. So tell us, what is its special ingredient?

Eyal: So, the special ingredient, it is about the combination actually. I talk a lot about integration in my work. Sometimes, it is not like one secret that would make your orgasm amazing. There is an integration of few elements.

Those elements in the Intimate Power Model, is first of all, to inquire and see: Where are you at? What your problems are? What are your blockages are? What are your views on your sexualities?
Because many people are not actually aware where they at. They think that they are in a good place. “Oh, I am having clitoral orgasm. That means I am orgasmic.” Bullshit.

Inquiry is the first part. The second part is knowing or studying. So, knowing what is possible. Knowing about the 15, or 20, or 30 different categorizations of orgasms that specifically a woman, and sometimes a man as well can have. Knowing what is possible and knowing about anatomy, knowing about sexual activity, about positions, about chakras.

So, this element of knowledge of thinking is very important. It is missing from many tantric teachings. Come to the workshops, take of your clothes and start having sex.

Okay, so I talked a lot about theories. We had inquiry and knowing. The third aspect is about doing or practicing. So, on the other hand, sometimes in schools or workshop, it is all about the theory, and all the Tatvas and the Locas, the Koshas and so on.

I talk about practices; what you actually do in order to delay or cancel your ejaculation, what you so as a woman to become orgasmic and to have two and three-hour long orgasms that reverberate in you through days.

It is actually practices, and experiencing those 20 kinds of orgasms that I mentioned. Then, there are life transformation things also, that transform aspect of the work.

That is the fourth aspect. Transform, which is not just about the sexuality. You change things in your daily life, your career, your social life, in your relationship. That affects your sexuality, and they are expression of your sexuality.

Again, this is not enough that I do not see very often. It is about how you bring your sexuality in your daily life, and you allow it to be at fullest of power in your life.

Mariah: Beautiful.

Eyal: And the fifth aspect is the aspect of receiving. So, the aspect of receiving is either from a sexual coach or healer like myself, or like other people, different kind of body workers.

Mariah: So, like Yoni massagers as well? Because you used to give Yoni massagers, as well. Are you still doing that?

Eyal: It is like, I used to call it that and I used to do that. And right now, it is one of the tools that I am using. Honestly, I do not do it so much anymore, because I see that there are so many things that I am doing with clients before I even touch them.

One of the things I am doing is Orgasm Coaching. And I am teaching, specifically a woman, how to breathe, how to move, how to think herself to orgasm.

Often, a woman will come to me and she says she is not orgasmic. And after a few minutes or hours, or most of few sessions, she would be able to do very little movement and to stay on the state of orgasm for very, very long minutes. Sometimes for an hour.

Mariah: So, it is like more dry exercises you do in your client’s session?

Eyal: Yeah. I would not say quite a dry.

Mariah: Dry, not in the way lie masculine dryness, but in German there’s this expression, of like, you do an exercise which is like practice for the real.

Eyal: Yes. What is actually is orgasm coaching, which is I am showing here, in how to move and how to breathe, and so on. Because I find that sometimes when people go to a sexual practitioner who gives a Yoni massage, they have a good experience but then, when they go home, they do not know how to recreate that experience.

Mariah: Yeah.

Eyal: My woke is about empowerment. And with empowerment, I am showing how they can do it by themselves.

Mariah: Like also masturbation practices and things like that, because that can be very empowering.

Eyal: Yes. Masturbation is a very key aspect of what I teach people to do. Honestly, it is a bit funny, that as a man, I teach women how to masturbate.

Mariah: Yeah. Yeah. It is definitely also one of my questions are like, it is probably sometimes a bit of a challenge when you show women how she supposed to masturbate. Then, like how would you know? But of course, you have learned in your experiences, you have seen women developing, so you probably incorporate your knowledge in there.

Eyal: Yes. I did a lot of; you can call it “feel the study and feel the practice”, which means I had a lot of sex through the years. And sometimes, it is 15 to 20 hours of sex a week, which is quite a lot.

Mariah: It is quite sporty, honestly.

Eyal: I actually did not feel it is sporty. I feel this as a means of connection with other person. Sometimes, it was just plain fucking. Sometimes, it was playing and still, respectful fucking. But it was not so much the higher levels. Sometimes, it was totally the higher levels and not so much friction-based sex.

I did have a lot of sexual experiences, and they taught me how a woman can move in better ways because so many women are so clitorally focused, genital focused. They are just playing. They do not do anything. They might move the finger and rub their clit, and get five second orgasm and think that they are orgasmic because they can orgasm from their clit.

Mariah: Yeah. I mean, it is still one of the organs around the vulva, where we have the most nerves. Like, just from a more physical perspective. So, that is why, most women, if taken orgasm, they can orgasm through their clitoris because that is where most nerves are placed. But it is also a lot about their awareness.

Eyal: Yeah. And this is why I talked about knowledge and information because this is what women are used to be doing, if they do not know better. And also, what men do to women, if they do not know better.

Mariah: As a man, what could you give to another man as an advice? Like, to empower their women to discover her sexuality.

Eyal: Well, the first thing is to go away from goal-oriented sex, for both the man and the woman, to remove the idea that you need to get into some goal of orgasm because orgasm comes in many shapes and forms. So, letting go of the peak orgasm, to start with.

No male ejaculation and no female clitoral orgasm that usually is followed by a refractory period by a down. Then, really being open and receptive to whatever experiences, sensations, emotions, come up with you during the lovemaking.

So, right into teaching a man a technique, I would like to share with men an attitude towards sexuality. And that attitude is stronger and better than any technique and any finger position, and any whatever thing that he can do with his cock.

Mariah: Yeah.

Eyal: So, the idea is really to connect with the moment, and what the moment calls for.

Mariah: So, the presence?

Eyal: Yes, having a presence and openness. And from that openness, amazing things can happen.

Mariah: Beautiful. So, would you say, people need to go to a Tantra community and have sex 24/7 to learn all that stuff?

Eyal: It is like everything in life. If something is important to you, it is always your choice how much time, effort, money, energy, attention do you put into it. Some people go to university for two years or three years, or five years because this is important to them.

I believe, sex is very important, not just for sex itself, but for the relationships and the success, for the health and for the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual health that it brings on to one. So, maybe not going to another country, and doing all of this [00:22:23] and this is what I bring my teachings to the West, and help people incorporate in their busy life.

Having a few hours a week of self-practices, couple practices and core practices, is something which is very empowering for people. This is something people can do. They can do different kind of exercises. They can do they’re life changes that support their sexuality and endowing expression of their sexuality. And if they want to go deeper, they would go into my Practitioner Course that is coming up later. They would go to Thailand for our homeschool. So, there is a possibility to go deeper with this work.

Mariah: Yeah. I remember the first time when I hear it from you Eyal, was when a women visited your chocolate workshop in Thailand. What happened there?

Eyal: It is funny that you know me through my chocolate work and not for my sexual…

Mariah: Well, I love chocolates! But I never visited your work.

Eyal: I love chocolates, as well. This is kind of like, related to what we had discussed before, which is, throughout my life, I always find a way to learn new things and to turn my hopes into something that serves other people, and they become income streams.

I did not know how to cook and within a year or two, I was teaching cooking to other people and doing buffets for 100 people. Those chocolate workshops started originally because I was vegan and I wanted to eat chocolates so I learn how to make chocolate. I started showing it to other people and people say, “Ah! Teach us the recipe!”

Mariah: Sure.

Eyal: So then, I started doing workshops. And obviously, chocolate is an aphrodisiac. It activates the second chakra. It makes us horny and the whole playing with that makes us very excited.

Mariah: So, in the end, you would suggest the woman to…

Eyal: Not always. But sometimes I had, like 15 people in my living room in my beautiful house in Thailand, and going to semi-orgasmic state, a very pleasurable state, like studying to shake and to vibrate, and to make sounds and so on.

Mariah: Great. Great. I think it is really inspiring to hear that you have this energy in you, which is just saying, “Okay, I teach myself this, and I just do it. I make money out of it, and it is fine. I do not feel ashamed for it.” Like, this is exactly the attitude I think many people would love to turn. So, that is why they listen to you, as well.

Eyal: Thank you for that. And that is actually one of the biggest reflections I get from my clients. Because with my clients, I work on the sexuality. I work on the gifts, and I work on their wealth resonance. The combination of that is unstoppable.

It is a really amazing combination because, you probably know some talented people, good-hearted people, spiritual people who do not have money to do what they want, and go what they want, and even attend the spiritual, whatever retreats or whatever that they want.

Okay, this is because they do not know how to turn their gifts into something that sustains them in life. That is not balance, and that is not integrity. I find that, when you are able to charge for what you love, you are actually able to bring more value to other people.

So, that is a very important idea that, when you raise your fees, you feel inclined to bring more value to your clients. I am bringing more and more value to my clients over the years.

Mariah: That is really beautiful to see, and also seeing your blog has grown very quickly since it is launched. It is great. Tell me, where do you want to be in five years? Is an enthusiastic and very down-to-earth man like you, planning so far?

Eyal: That is a good question. So, in the recent years, I have been moving between continents, and houses and areas. Right now, I am talking to you, I am looking at beautiful yachts and boats at the port on the Costa Bravo, and the beach of Spain.

Mariah: Beautiful.

Eyal: So, earlier I was in Barcelona, and before that, I was in Berlin. Before that, I was in Amsterdam, and I spent the winter in Sweden in the forest, by a lake, and so on.

Mariah: Beautiful.

Eyal: For me, lifestyle designing is part of what I do, part of what I learn, and part of what I teach. I see myself staying for a few months at some nice, preferably, warm places.

Doing my work, a lot of it is on line these days, and sometimes also, face-to-face or body-to-body, your concern. Holding workshops around the world and having people learn this from me, I able to hold workshops on the spirit of workshops I do. And now to hold sessions, which are having to same intentions and the same ideas that I use in my sessions.

Going more into, not just empowering individuals, but empowering people that can reach more people.

Mariah: Beautiful.

Eyal: Yeah. And getting all of the administration and logistics side organized. Having people in different countries and continents, being the organizer, and me basically doing writing, travelling, teaching, holding session, and public speaking.

Mariah: Yeah. Almost what you do now. But in five years, it will be even bigger and growing more and more, your network. Beautiful.

Eyal: Apparently, having published a few books, having published video programs and so on, DVDs, which is something I am focusing more and more lately. So, with this blog post, I was able reach more people than I have done earlier, when I was just walking one-on-one.

Mariah: And when is your first book going to be out? Any clues?

Eyal: Well, that is a bit of a source fault because it was supposed to be out in six months ago.

Mariah: I know.

Eyal: I reached, like two-thirds of the book.

Mariah: Okay. That is good.

Eyal: By the way, the book writing process was amazing because I had amazing realizations about what I do, why I do it, and what is actually putting it into technique and putting it into theoretical ideas, and so on.

Life happened, and I started travelling again and holding workshops again, doing different things. And right now, the book is waiting a little bit for me to get back to it. Right now, there is no definite publication date but it is going to happen because I really feel that this book needs to be out, and it needs to reach women.

Mariah: Yes, definitely. I encourage you to do that.

Eyal: Because it is literally can be a transformation, if not revolutionary, because there are a lot of things there which I have not found in different books and different traditions and from sexual educators and so on. So, I really feel that I need to get this book outer. It will be priced quite low to be able to reach as many people as possible.

Mariah: Right. Yeah. We are all excited. So, I have one last question to you. I always ask this question to everybody. So, prepare. Hope you are ready. Describe your ideal orgasm, in your case, masculine orgasm, with one adjective, one word, and one animal. So, my female orgasm is, for example, a crazy, champing giraffe. What is yours?

Eyal: So, what was that? One adjective?

Mariah: One word, and one animal.

Eyal: So, I think it would be expensive…

Mariah: Verb?

Eyal: Blissed, and animal? Well, I am seeing seagull in front of my eyes. Let me just think about an animal. I never thought about it, in terms of animal. Okay, so it will be some kind of a bird, because the idea of soaring and rising. So, let us say, albatross.

Mariah: So, expensive, blissed albatross?

Eyal: Yes.

Mariah: Or maybe blissed, out even.

Eyal: Yes.

Mariah: Awesome. Great.

Eyal: That is a cool question.

Mariah: Yeah. Thanks Eyal! So, if people want to read more from you, where can they find you?

Eyal: So, my website is Intimate Power.

Mariah: .com?

Eyal: Yes. And just to pit some people think it is intimate power. So, that is I-N-T-I-M-A-T-E

Mariah: Okay. Yeah. No problem. If you guys, just visit my blog at There will be also, the ShowNotes and I will include all the links, which were mentioned in this podcast. So, no worries!

I thank you Eyal for this really interesting insight of you and it is really beautiful to see your process growing. I am excited what is next for you, and thanks!

Eyal: Totally my pleasure, and I can totally see that this interview is helping me also to express what I do, to enact their professionals, such as yourself, in a way that I have not done before. Thank you for, you giving me. That is a great gift

Mariah: Awesome.

Eyal: Thank you very much.

Mariah: Thanks!

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