Hysterical Literature

A lovely woman is sitting at a table – she is being filmed in black and white. She looks excited and introduces herself. She has chosen what to wear and what book she’ll be reading.

Under the table she is equipped with a vibrator. An unseen assistant distracts her with some buzzes down there.

She is getting more and more distracted, starts breathing deeply and needs to take some breaks from reading her lines; her sexual energy is pressing the table up. She gets hotter and hotter and can’t focus anymore on the words she wanted to read; eventually she has an orgasm.

She pauses and restates her name and what she has just read.

Why is it called Hysterical Literature?

It refers to the once-common medical condition of “female hysteria” which was diagnosed especially at a time when female pleasure was constrained and frowned on; this took place over many hundreds of years in Western Europe. Women would get a vibrator prescribed or a pelvic French douche in 1860.

The filmmaker and photographer Clayton Cubitt literally puts the art on the table and sex under the table. The set is quite “normal” and not pornographic which makes the situation a bit awkward but at the same time interesting. Isn’t sexual arousal normal anyway?

Diversity of sexual arousal

I really enjoyed watching different videos in this series. Have a look at how women are so different and show their lust in various ways. Some really try to stick to their words as much as possible, whereas others immediately forget about the reading and put the book aside to enjoy their pleasure.

Enjoy the videos,

Mariah xx