2014 – The Year of the Orgasmic Evolution

I am sure that most of you have a list of resolutions. Or at least something you have in mind that you want to change in 2014. Or maybe you want to change everything? However, most of us forget to include working on our sexual powers as a point on our resolution list.

Aren’t our sexual powers the source of all manifestations? In ancient traditions they are in agreement with this theory. So, if I have wealth on my resolution list, wouldn’t I want to use my sexual powers to accomplish this wish? Don’t take me literally, I don’t mean sleeping with your boss all year to grant a higher salary. Not my strategy. What I mean is harnessing sexual powers in such a way that wealth flows in abundance naturally.

My Resolution: Orgasmic Evolution

When I started working with my orgasm and looked into the deeper patterns of my sex life, I discovered a strength, a powerful source. This source is the reason why I am talking to you. Why you and me were born. It’s the source of life! And it’s right there in front of us, ready to be used.

And that’s why I am declaring this year as the year of the Orgasmic Evolution.

Let me show you why improving your orgasms should not only be on my resolution list and why it might fulfill most of your resolutions at once.

Orgasmic Evolution

What is the Orgasmic Evolution?

The Orgasmic Evolution is a path to connect with your sexual power. It involves the study and development of your orgasms. Yes, it’s possible to learn to orgasm and also intensify it.
Understand your orgasmic energy. Know how it flows. And own the power to channel it into your life.

Why is My Sexual Energy so Important?

I repeat, it’s the source of life. The very thing that keeps me and you going. We use it every day, a little drop of sexual energy here for walking, a higher dose of sexual energy for dancing and a full dose during climax. Used right, it helps us to do great things. Things we always wanted to do. Anything we ever accomplish (on our resolution list or not) is due to our powerful life force. So, here’s the deal, especially during orgasm we get a supercharged dose of sexual energy. That’s why orgasms are a gift and an opportunity. It’s easy to work with our sexual energy during climax, because it’s so strong and effective that we can channel it into any part of our life.

This force is flowing also right now, while you are reading and I am typing those lines, breaking through my own barriers and my fears, to present my proposal to you:

I am offering for women a free and private 30 minute Skype session, for the next 2 months only, just for YOU!


I will show you the door to your own orgasmic evolution. Help you reflect where you at and find unique exercises which will help you to connect yourself more and more with this source. Those exercises are easy to perform at home. Originating from the Tantric and Tao traditions. Helping you to finally own your orgasms.

Understand, Develop, Channel

Understand the power of your sexual force and know how to use it for greater good. It’s not just learning how to climax better during intercourse, or how to be a better lover, or how to become multi-orgasmic. It’s about YOU!
It’s about your life, your actions, your thought and your love life of course. Knowing how to use your sexual powers gives you the strength to transform your life into an abundant, positive and happy life. This is where the magic begins.

So let’s chat – simply hit the button below. I am very excited about having the opportunity to talk to you.

Book your FREE session now!.

Talk soon,
Mariah xx

Image by Kevin Dooley, Flickr.