Sensual Dance as a Path to Your Feminine Superpowers (With Coco Berlin)


So you’re at this concert of your favorite band and then the beat starts kicking in. Bam, you can’t help yourself but move. Move as if you haven’t moved properly for months. Dance as if it was your last one. Shake your hips like you didn’t know it was possible. Your legs rhythmically swing to the sound, without you doing a thing. Your hands miraculously flow in the air, as if you were about to take off.

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Let’s Dance And Rise on V-day – Join the ‘One Billion Rising’ Movement

A few months ago, I went on a Women’s Leadership Conference and met Eve Ensler and Monique Wilson. Both are incredibly inspiring women and powerhouse activists, dedicating their life and work to women’s rights and human equality.

Maybe you’ve heard of Eve’s famous ‘Vagina Monologues‘ play that has been performed around the world on Valentine’s Day. Charles Isherwood from The New York Times says it’s “probably the most important piece of political theater of the last decade.”

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Yoni Egg – A Power Tool For Pussy Mastery



You may have seen Regina Hall talking about her Yoni egg with Conan O’Brien lately – while she was wearing hers right in the same moment. She explains how it works and its benefits.

Or you may have seen videos of women doing weight lifting with their vagina. Sounds unbelievable, right? But it’s true and it’s a powerful way to train not only the Yoni, but also the areas around it.

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What a Vagina Needs & How To Get It


Frankly, in my opinion, your vulva, or your penis doesn’t need the mentalized concept of love only.
I found that visualizing love in the form of white light and sending it down to my genitals isn’t really enough. Or just saying: “I love my vulva. I love my penis as it is.”

I mean people say “mind over matter” but I realised when I was doing only that, I was avoiding the very desire that my vulva was screaming so loudly at me: “Touch me, massage me, take care of me, and common girl, make love to me and then just listen”.
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How This Simple Practice Will Make You Fall in Love with Yourself


Let me share with you one fragment of my personal story. Ten years ago the old me used to feel highly insecure when looking into the mirror.

The inner voice I was tuned to said: “Oh girl, you are way too skinny – look at that non-existing ass and your flat breasts. And your nose is way too big; don’t you wanna do something about this? Phew, your acne scars are deep as a volcano, they look very unsexy. And the way your body moves, gosh, way too clumsy, you are so not feminine.”

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Awakened Woman Conference: My 7 Biggest Insights


When women come together and figure out how the fuck to awaken, something magical happens.

I joined the Awakened Woman Conference 2016 in Bali and experienced it in my mind, my body and my soul.

This magic is called sisterhood. When women join hands and see each other as fellow sisters we no longer have to fight, push through or risk walking over dead bodies.

As Eve Ensler shared on the stage: “I need your witness to my freedom.”

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Ejaculation Control – Why I Love Tantric Lovers


I’ve been exploring conscious sexuality for over 8 years now. Having different lovers who were (some of whom still are) helping me to explore, heal and expand my sexual being.

The thing is, these lovers are men and women who are highly skilled beings. Some more, some less, but I have noticed one outstanding thing that has really helped me move forward in my own sexuality.

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Ladies, This Is How You Help Your Man Last Longer


Ladies, have you ever wondered how to help a man last longer and eventually have one of those soul-shaking, hands curling up like t-rex arms, reality-shifting orgasms?  The kind where your vision turns into a solid color, you might be screaming, you’re not sure, or you might be entirely silent. Where you see yourself, truly, clearly. Or you see God. And you realize it’s one and the same. The everything and the nothing.

If so, I’m willing to bet that when this happened, it didn’t happen in the snap of the fingers. It probably took some time to build up.

Clitoral orgasms can happen quickly, but to have a vaginal orgasm, women generally need 20+ minutes of stimulation. And to get to the level of soul shaking orgasms, women need a long time, perhaps 45 minutes or more. Feel free to dig deeper and find out more about all the types of female orgasms.

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Menstrual Cycle Phases: How to Go With the Flow


Have you ever thought about using your menstrual cycle phases as a guideline to live up to your full potential? Women have approximately 450 menstrual cycles in their lifetime. Unfortunately, they often view their cycles as a burden, and in some cultures, menstruation is sometimes regarded as being some kind of a curse. But can we turn this around? Let’s start using our most obvious clock, “the menstrual cycle”, as a calendar that tells us exactly when we are naturally good at doing something.

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