Sensual Dance as a Path to Your Feminine Superpowers (With Coco Berlin)


So you’re at this concert of your favorite band and then the beat starts kicking in. Bam, you can’t help yourself but move. Move as if you haven’t moved properly for months. Dance as if it was your last one. Shake your hips like you didn’t know it was possible. Your legs rhythmically swing to the sound, without you doing a thing. Your hands miraculously flow in the air, as if you were about to take off.

Almost ecstatic. A full-body sensual experience if you think about it.

You are feeling the music flow through your body, the sound element transmutes into physical expression. Like a white canvas turns into a great piece of art. Like a cold bedroom transmutes into a love temple. You are merging with what you hear and translate it into the language of your body.

Try it right now, with your favorite song. Just feel.

This is how dance can become a path to your feminine superpowers. You’re allowing your body to voice its desire to move. You’re claiming your birthright to express yourself, show yourself on this earth. Through your body. Raw, honest and sexy.

This week I have the beautiful Coco Berlin for you. I interviewed her a while ago in Bali. Notice the sound of the insects, spectacular but hopefully not too loud!

She is a very inspiring woman, sharing her insights on empowering women around the world with dance. She shares a powerful mystical experience at 22:05 min with us and the one key ingredient that is required to make life a sensual experience.

She is the founder of Sensuous Dance Workout and Essence of Bellydance. Coco has traveled the world to entertain huge audiences with her signature dance shows. She has mesmerized the general public with appearances on Indian and German national TV.

Her international workshops, teacher training, and YouTube channel have moved over 2 million women worldwide.

In this episode, we go into detail about:

  • When you work with the ladies, what struggles do you see again and again?
  • Why is dance such an empowerment tool?
  • What is Coco doing to step into her sensuality?
  • An advice that helped connect with our sensuality more
  • What practice would be easy and simply to start right now?

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