Sexual Liberation – How to Set Your Sexual Being Free. Once and for All.


Sexual Liberation isn’t just some random word that’s been shouted out on Woodstock or scribbled on a poster by some high and nude hippies. It’s one of those timeless power words, that gives me goosebumps by just thinking about it.

Since human kind exists to the day we leave our last footprint on this earth will sexual liberation be a part of our journey. It’s that desire, that lies deeply within us. A desire for freedom of what we are -sexual beings!

Dive together with me and my juicy guest Ev’Yan Whitney into this topic of finally setting your sexual being free. Once and for All. Ev’Yan is a sex doula. She created a digital sanctuary for the sexually free, or those who want to be.

In this episode, we get into detail about:

  • Detour on that Cock Lover thing between me and Ev’Yan
  • How life shows us our personal sexual liberation opportunity
  • What sexual liberation feels like
  • From where to take the courage
  • Why we tend to put our sexual being  as a woman in a cage
  • How to get to a place of feeling free as a woman
  • And other orgasmic news.

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