Squirting – 5 Myths Finally Busted


Most people know about squirting or female ejaculation from porn and adult magazines. There is still a lot of woowoo and shame projected on to what I consider to be a magical sexual expression. Squirting is the expulsion of fluid by the Skene’s gland, through and around the female urethra during or before an orgasm. More mystical sources say it’s a┬ádivine liquid that in i’ts essence manifests pure sexual energy.

The latest scientific research says, that it’s “involuntary pee”. Which of course increases the shame dimension that keeps women away from exploring this phenomenon.

That’s why I decided to create a video for you to finally bust the 5 myths for you and create a safe and clear pathway to this sexy, splashy and liberating squirting fun.

If you prefer reading over watching, here’s the transcript:


Hey, this is Mariah and today I would love to talk to you about a very juicy, wet, and quite splashy topic: Female ejaculation.┬áScientists say it is coming from an area called the Skene Gland which is kind of around the Urethra on both sides, more mystical theories say it’s called Amrita or Kalas, the divine nectar.

#1 Myth: It’s difficult to find

So the first myth is that it’s hard to find the G-spot. It’s actually just three centimeters inside the vagina, on top, just behind the pubic bone. It’s a whole area where you can start massaging and actually explore what that area feels like.

#2 Myth: It’s a spot

The second myth is that the G-spot, where the female ejaculation is coming from, is just a spot. The G-spot is a whole network of nerves, starts with the Clitoris as the tip of the iceberg all the way down to the G-spot where its roots are.

#3 Myth: It’s pee

The third myth is that female ejaculation is pee. While we can discuss the whole day around this topic and find a lot of pros and cons and whatnot around whether female ejaculation is pee or not. Maybe there’s a little bit inside, maybe not. However, I would just say, who cares? Female ejaculation is really a potential for you to go deeper into your body, express and let go of shame and don’t feel held back just because that thought of pee. For me it doesn’t taste or smell like pee. You can see for yourself and just give it a try.

#4 Myth: Squirting = orgasm

The fourth myth is that female ejaculation is an orgasm. I have to say with my own experience that sometimes I would release female ejaculation and would actually not have an orgasm or not feel like an orgasm, it was more like a certain release that was happening. Sometimes it comes along with an orgasm, sometimes not.

#5 Myth: It’s hard to make a woman squirt

The last myth is that it’s hard to make women squirt. First of all, of course, every woman’s body is different. It’s not about the goal here of squirting but actually there’s lots of amazing techniques out there that you can do to make women squirt. Figure out where your G-spot is or if you are a man supporting a woman or partner supporting a woman on that journey, try different things out. Massage it. You can have a come-here movement, you can press on it, you can touch it in smooth ways and even tickle it in a certain way.

I hope now the myths are cleared out and busted for you and you have a free path to female ejaculation or squirting. I would love to hear your comments with what you are right now struggling. Why you still may be holding back, why you may be feeling ashamed due to the squirting. Really, make a comment below and let’s discuss this.

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Much love to all of you.