Tantra-Up Your Sex Life With This Powerful Technique ~ By Sofia Sundari

Tantra is an ancient spiritual and personal growth system. ItĀ helps us become aware of the present moment which then leads us right into our body wisdom.

This integral knowledge is particularly handy when we engage sexually with ourselves or a partner. A conscious lover knows what’s going on in their body which makes an intimate connection authentic and genuine.

Knowing is the first level, but actually respecting and treating the body as a temple, takes this to a Tantric level.

If you are disconnected from your body wisdom, you may act against the interest of your desires and needs which can lead to sexual frustration. But if you know what your body whispers and constantly is trying to tell you, you can act in the best interest.

That’s why Tantra works a lot with breath. Breathe is a powerful guide and focal pointer directing us right back into the body. Whenever we get lost in thoughts and mental blocks, breathe can guide us right back to our body intelligence.

My dear friend and colleague Sofia Sundari, shot a little video for you where you learn a simple but powerful Tantric breathing pattern that supports you to stay in your body, anytime, anywhere, at work or in the bedroom. Enjoy!

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