I used to fake orgasms until 2010.

(and didn’t even care about that)

So this whole sex thing… I just didn’t get all the fuss about it. Of course I was curious about experiencing the male half of our human species, and trying out what they were equipped with when they were in their birthday dress. And I was lucky enough to get to try out a few, when I was only in my teenage years. However after I discovered the default way of making love, my curiosity was satisfied. My interest decreased.

For my partners, however, interest never seemed to decrease. So I continued sleeping with them. Not for my satisfaction, but for theirs, and for, well, because that’s how we’re supposed to do it, aren’t we?

I expected my sex life to stay like this until I’d stop having sex one day. Probably due to some old age symptoms like a flabby vagina and gray landing strip.

Boy was I wrong.

Fast forward.

Only half a decade later I now make a living teaching fellow humans the joy of sex. I empower them to live the sexual life they deserve. With consciousness, a strong, healthy libido, and without the negative connotations that are sometimes attached to sex. No shame, no fear, but lust and passion.

So what happened?

From frigidity to ecstasy

Like a lot of good stories, my story begins with a plane ticket to India. In my case it wasn’t supposed to be that crazy adventure. I had already had that crazy India adventure when I was 18, exceeding my stay for six months and spending the money I was supposed to use for my driver’s license.

Nope, this time I was supposed to be there professionally, working as a women’s empowerment NGO for 6 months. As a trained social worker, that’s what you do. Or at least that’s what I planned to do. And I did. It was a very interesting, life changing, but non-sexual time. Rural India isn’t exactly what I’d call sexually “juicy”.

One morning was different.

I got my period. As usual, every 29 days. And I complained about it while boiling my morning tea at my guesthouse. The charming Austrian girl next to me chimed in, and we had a talk about women’s health issues. Not the typical one though, because we somehow made it to ecstatic orgasms within 180 seconds. Verbally I mean. And she made.

Turns out I had stumbled onto a full fledged Tantrika. Who in the following weeks initiated me into all sorts of fascinating things. India hit me by surprise once again. This time with a lot of juice.

This was the beginning of a fascinating journey into the world of Tantra. I ended up taking some time off to meet my boyfriend in North India (he was having his “crazy adventure” while I was helping women in the south) for a secret Tantra workshop. Where the rabbit hole got a lot deeper.

Fast forward again.

No witchcraft involved

The fascinating thing for me was that there isn’t any witchcraft involved at all. After living in a Tantra community for a couple of years, I saw the same things happening to women (as well as men) over and over again. And those things were beautiful.

That’s when I decided to share what I’ve learned and experienced with the world. I have studied helping people after all. And now I have studied how to become amazing at sex too.

I moved on location wise. I started leading women’s groups in three continents. I started sharing my insights in a blog. I started sharing my insights in a podcast. And I have continued to help individuals almost every single day since.

You cannot imagine how high the demand is for shedding light onto our sexuality. I get dozens of emails every day. People from every continent have been asking me questions. And I reply to every single one of them.

Some numbers of my impact:

1500+ visitors per day

5000+ people on my mailing list

1077 days since my first blog post

Over time I developed an online coaching program for being able to help people even more. Sometimes email is not enough. Sometime people have the urge to talk to someone personally, someone who can guide them through their blockages and doubts. And hey, no shame about that, that’s exactly how I made it to where I am today too.

Thank you to the people who teach me, inspire me, and therefore regularly make my day:

Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, David Deida, Mantak Chia, Kim Anami, Danielle Laporte, Marie Forleo, my family, my friends, the universe and my boyfriend.

My orgasmic mission

Opening the discourse of sexuality in all its diversity.

Acknowledging trauma, frigidity and other sexual blockages. Promoting and embracing sexual consciousness. Plugging into desires. Unleashing orgasmic ecstasy to reconnect to the creative and divine force of the feminine. Living purpose. Soul connection.

Let’s talk about the evolution of the orgasmic self!

What’s in it for you?

Of course you’re asking yourself how you can benefit from my experiences and my site. Let me tell you:

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  • My podcasts are the real gems of my site. I talk to other experts in the field of conscious sexuality as well as with scientists. Or I just talk about topics that my readers and clients approach me with.
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Thank you for reading this far. I am excited to be hearing from you.